Summary of Course Curricula

A Short Description of Course I of theTemple Of The Silver Star(Academic Track)

1. The student is required to memorize the first chapter of Liber AL vel Legis and some pertinent columns of Qabalistic and astrological correspondences. The student begins studying core curriculum materials such as Qabalah, Tarot, ceremonial magick, Raja Yoga, depth psychology, and related disciplines.

2. The student is required to keep a diary of their daily practices, to complete certain other writing assignments, and to submit these to the instructor for evaluation.

3. The student is supplied with a horoscope chart and a few brief comments, and completes an astrological self-analysis based on this data, referencing other astrological writings as needed.

4. The student is asked to learn and perform some basic Thelemic rituals suitable for the beginner, and to report on these in the diary.

5. The student is required to complete a series of book reports, drawn from a suggested reading list including the works of Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, Dion Fortune, Carl Jung, or any texts from the curriculum of A∴A∴.

6. The student is required to engage in sustained and systematic psychological self-analysis, and to report on this work in the diary. Furthermore, a period of outside psychotherapy is encouraged for all students.

7. The Temple teaches basic diet and other health practices, and encourages the students in every way to improve their health, for that the Path is not to be taken lightly and poor health can stand in the way of further progress.

8. Additionally, students are required to complete 60 course-hours with TOTSS Academic Track instructors for each of the four Courses. These may be accrued through group classes, individual instruction, and online lectures.

Later Courses

Course II: In this course, the student will deepen their understanding of Qabalah, Tarot and Thelemic psychology, as well as begin introductory practical work in ritual and Raja Yoga.

Course III: In this course, the student will work with more intermediate magical techniques (such as the construction and consecration of talismans), develop practical skills in Astrology and Qabalah, deepen their Raja Yoga practice and increase their understanding of Thelemic psychology and philosophy.

Course IV: This course includes more advanced work in Qabalah, Divination, Astrology, dream analysis, Raja Yoga and Ceremonial Magick.