Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Temple of the Silver Star  is a non-profit religious and educational organization based on the principles of Thelema.  It was founded in service to the A∴A∴, under warrant from Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral), to provide preparatory training in ceremonial magick, Raja Yoga, Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology, and much more. Using these foundational tools, we seek to guide the student toward a deeper apprehension of the True Will, the Law of Thelema, and his or her own psycho-spiritual constitution.

The Temple of the Silver Star has two categories of membership: the ACADEMIC TRACK, and the INITIATORY TRACK.

In our ACADEMIC TRACK, each student is assigned an individual instructor, who provides one-to-one instruction and group classes. Online lectures and similar training options are available for students living at some distance from a campus or qualified instructor. In addition to the resources available to enrolled students, many of our online lectures are available to the public via our YouTube channel.

Our INITIATORY TRACK offers ceremonial initiation, healing work, and a complete system of training in the Thelemic “mystery traditions”, which encompass diverse wisdom teachings of the East and West. Our degree system is based on the Qabalistic Tree of Life and the cipher formulae of the Golden Dawn, of which we are a lineal descendant.

Our entire curriculum is constructed to be in conformity with the Law of Thelema, and our central aim is to guide each aspirant toward the realization of their purpose in life, or True Will. In order to empower our members to discover and carry out their True Will, we teach Qabalah, Tarot, ceremonial magick, meditation, Astrology, and much more. Our initiates meet 1-2 times per month for group ceremonial and healing work, classes, and other instruction. We also regularly offer classes and rituals which are open to the public.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for many more details about the work of our Order, and feel free to email us as well.

While our administrative headquarters is in California, we have active working groups across North America and around the world. Please see our Locations page for more information about training options in your home area.

For a brief review of our history, including the foundational warrant from Soror Meral, please follow this link.

NOTE:  We are not affiliated with the College of Thelema, although we are the specifically authorized extension of Soror Meral’s original work with that organization.  Please see our warrant from Soror Meral for the specifics of this authorization.

Also note that while the Temple of the Silver Star was founded in service to A∴A∴, the two organizations are entirely separate, and membership in one does not imply or confer membership in the other.  For more details, please see our FAQ; to contact A∴A∴, please visit onestarinsight.org.

Love is the law, love under will.

Temple of the Silver Star