Hymn to the Lord


I love Thee in all the star wrought graces of the skies;

In the Isis of beauty that about me lies

Waiting for Thy touch of love to awaken in splendid flame

The ever-coursing thunder of Thy name.


Oh, splendid One, Lord of mystery unspeakable

Coursing through my veins in agony unbearable,

Oh, Light of Life in splendorous rapture of delight

Fill my veins with life in mystical might.


As a slender mote in the strong sunbeam dances

So dance I as a creation of Thy fancies.

These words of mine are but chaff upon the wind

Compared to the intensity of Thy glance and mind.


Eternal Lord, bind my everlasting course with Thee

From aeon to aeon for all eternity;

Closer to Thy heart that I be fit symbol

Of encompassing love; hold me lest I tremble.


These words are poor that fall before Thy face,

Lend me still of Thy intoxicating grace

That I may pour my heart out in Thy praise

And joined with my Lord, remain a Star ablaze.


All writings of Phyllis Seckler are ©Temple of the Silver Star. All Rights Reserved.